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Turn your PowerPoint slides into high-quality shareable PDFs instantly using Docupilot's free online converter. You don’t have to install any software or extension - simply upload and convert, while keeping your layout and design intact.
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Note: The uploaded document and the converted file will automatically be deleted in 24 hours.

Convert your PPT to PDF online in 3 easy steps

Follow these simple steps to transform your PPT into PDFs

Upload your PPT

Upload your PowerPoint PPT or PPTX file from your computer, or cloud storage, or simply drag and drop it onto the converter.

Convert in a click

Docupilot will convert it to PDF automatically.

Download your PDF:

Once the conversion is complete, you can easily download your new, formatted PDF file.  Your PDF is now ready to share, print, or use however you need. 

Transform your presentations to polished PDFs with Docupilot

Sales and Marketing

The sales and marketing team can convert their captivating PowerPoint sales decks or business proposals into professional PDFs and ensure consistent formatting and clear visuals, even on mobile devices.


Professors and teachers can convert their lecture slides into polished PDFs with Docupilot allowing easy distribution. Their students can access across devices, and easily archive them for future use.

Human Resources

HR professionals can convert training materials, onboarding presentations, and employee handbooks to PDFs for easy access and consistent formatting across the organization.

Product Development

Product managers can easily convert product roadmaps and feature presentations to PDFs and share them with other teams to ensure everyone is informed and updated on the latest product releases. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the free tool convert multiple PPT files to PDF at once?

Yes, Docupilot’s PPT to PDF Converter is completely free to use.

Can I add password protection to my converted PDF?

We can password-protect your PDF files but we need you to share these details when you use the tool.

Is my data secure when using Docupilot?

Yes, data security is a top priority at Docupilot. We take several measures to ensure the confidentiality and protection of your information.

Does the PPT to PDF converter retain the original formatting of my presentation?

Docupilot's converter strives to maintain the original formatting of your PowerPoint presentation during conversion to PDF. This includes fonts, styles, layouts, and images. However, minor adjustments might be necessary for optimal rendering in PDF format for highly complex presentations with intricate layouts.